Electrical Contractor Guidelines & Requirements:

No contract, agreement, or undertaking with another for the installation of electrical wiring or the installation of electrical parts of other apparatus may be entered into by anyone not a Master or Class B electrician.

A Master or Class B electrician may exercise that person’s privileges as a licensed Master or Class B for no more than one shop or business, and shall comply with provisions as required for contracting with the Secretary of State’s office as stated in North Dakota Century Code chapter 43-07.


Upon becoming a Master or Class B electrician (through exam, reciprocity or status change), these steps will need to be followed to get into contracting status.

CONTRACTING MASTER: (Engage in electrical contracting business in North Dakota)


1. Contact ND Secretary of State Office (701-328-2900) & file any proper paperwork.


2. Once you have received your official business registration/license from Secretary of State; call NDSEB to schedule your contractor orientation at our Bismarck office.

  1. Owner or its representative (the representative that signs the Application for Electrical Contracting) and the contracting master electrician of the electrical company must attend.


  2. Documentation to bring with you to orientation:

    1. Copy of Secretary of State Registration & Contractor License (if applicable)

    2. $50 annual license fee (separate cash/check/money order or credit card)

    3. E-Cert Application (Available under Forms or below)

    4. Application for Electrical Contracting (Available under Forms or below)

    5. Certificate of Liability Insurance


** OR **


NON-CONTRACTING MASTER: (No electrical contracting in North Dakota).

  1. Checklist of documentation to submit:

    1. $50 annual license fee

    2. Application for Exemption to Contractor’s License (Available under Forms or below)

Downloadable/Fillable Forms:

Insurance Notice:

The North Dakota State Electrical Board requires a Certificate of Liability Insurance be filed with our office. It is also required that the contracting Master or Class B notify their insurance company that the N.D. State Electrical Board be placed as a Certificate Holder and sent a copy of the renewal Certificate and if the policy is cancelled.

Insurance Requirements:

All contracting Master or Class B electricians are required to be covered by general liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 for Masters and $250,000 for Class B and shall contain endorsement for:

A.  Comprehensive Form:
B.  Premises – Operations;
C.  Products/Completed Operations.