Approved Course List (Downloadable):



No master, journeyman, or class B electrician license will be renewed unless proof of eight continuing education hours have been submitted, of which a minimum of fifty percent of the hours must be based on the 2017 edition, National Electrical Code. The remaining credits must be subjects related to the electrical industry. Approval of the course curriculum is required by the board.

  • Continuing education credits can be deposited with the board for a period up to two license renewal periods.

  • Continuing education credits will not be given for attending the same continuing education class more than once in a code cycle (example: same sponsor, same title and same course approval number).

  • The Board has reiterated its policy at the September 17, 2014 Board Meeting that each course/class approval has to be at least worth 4 hours. In other words, we would not approve any classes under 4 hours of code.

  • All courses, including online/correspondence, taught will need to go through NDSEB approval.

  • If you have taken any online/correspondence courses approved by the North Dakota State Electrical Board, but taken it through another state, you will need to contact that provider to determine "equivalency" and if you will either need to take the required North Dakota section of the class or the entire course again through the North Dakota portal before receiving North Dakota CEU credit.

  • Effective 5/1/2017, all courses must be on the 2017 National Electrical Code.