Applying for an Electrical License:


Downloadable/Fillable Application Forms:

Examination Application for an Electrical License

Re-Exam Application for an Electrical License

Reciprocal Application for an Electrical License

Our requirements include, but are not limited to, electrical construction work being done in a jurisdiction regulating similar licensing and inspection rules of the State of North Dakota, and under the supervision of a master electrician.

Two thousand hours credit may be granted for a graduate of a two year or more electrical school accepted by the board.

Upon receiving the invitation, the applicant shall contact the board and inform the board as to the date chosen to take the examination.  If an examination is not taken in the alloted time, the applicant may be required to complete another application and pay the necessary fee.  The invitation shall outline the available testing dates.  For an exam, upon final approval of the application by the board, the applicant shall be sent an invitation to take the examination.

Passing grade is 70%

Effective July 11, 2012 NDSEB will no longer be providing exam reviews.