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"E-cert" is an electronic version of a wiring certificate.  

The e-Cert system has been in existence since 2003 and has been widely accepted.  It is designed to allow contractors to create & monitor electrical wiring certificates through our website.  Contractors can enter certificates, view certificates, pay for certificates, view correction reports and submit correction reports through the web.  It also e-mails the certificate to the power supplier.   This could save you the cost of postage.


Paying for certificates is accomplished through either a Deposit Account or ACH (Automatic Clearing House [automatic withdrawal].  The Deposit Account is a non-interest bearing account set up with the North Dakota State Electrical Board.  Funds need to be available in this account in order to submit the final electrical wiring certificates.


To apply, please complete the Application.  Once we have processed the Application, a Login ID and Password are assigned and required for security reasons.   The individual user can change the password at any time.  All data entered in the system is encrypted utilizing Thawte's digital SSL - assuring that all online communications are secure while the information is being transmitted.